My Best Friend’s Wife (2000)

Starring: Inari Vachs, Nina Derek, Nicol, Goldie, Lola, James Bonn, Anthony Crane, Ian Daniels, Michael J. Cox.
Earl (Anthony Crane) is a busy man. He is rarely home, works all the time to provide for his young wife (Inari Vachs).But more and more he is doubting her. During a week-end where up-nosed friends (James Bonn and Nina) are visiting, he tries to find the truth with the help of his womanizer best friend (Ian Daniels). Under the close watch of his next door neighbors (Michael J Cox and Lola).Is his wife cheating on him? And with who? Who are the two mysterious girls sunbathing by the pool? Does Pablo, the gardener, really have a lazy eye? You’ll discover the truth with Earl as you watch My Best Friend’s Wife.

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