More Sorority Stewardesses (1995)

Director: Jim Holliday
Starring: Kylie Ireland, Felecia, J.R. Carrington, Caressa Savage, Nina Hartley, Kirsty Waay, Sandi Beach, Tammi Ann, Patricia Kennedy, Micki Lynn, Shelby Stevens, Rachel Love, Hailey Davidson, T.T. Boy, Peter North, Clay Hyde, Nick East, Jim Holliday, Joey Silvera.
Picking right up where the original ‘Sorority Stewardesses’ left off, this sizzling sequel once again takes us to the Burton Allen Institute. It’s the best stewardess school in the country, but it doesn’t have a single sassy sorority for its sultry students to join. Our intrepid heroines decide to take matters into their own hands, doing whatever — and whoever — it takes to get their chapter started. The silly plot takes a back seat to pure action as a cast full of scrumptious beauties ply their passionate trade. Among the heated highlights is a turbulent tussle between top-heavy tantalizer Kylie Ireland and Joey Silvera — they roar down the runway at a sweaty, scintillating clip. Kylie also shares her twin engines of lust with Felecia in a lesbian liaison that leaves them both lathered up and grasping for their oxygen masks. J.R Carrington jiggles her way through a back door boff with Peter North, collecting bonus miles with her squealing zeal. The flick comes in for a bodaciously bumpy landing when Nina Hartley, Kirsty Waay and Caressa Savage treat a couple of studs to a mile-high group grope. This is sheer fun from start to finish, a high flying hit that delivers its passionate payload and then some.

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