Mobster’s Wife (1998)

AKA: Mobsters Wife
Starring: Locklear, Alexandra Silk, Katie Gold, Derrick Lane, Kelly Jean, Sommer Daze, Shay Sweet, Stephanie Swift, Vince Vouyer, Mr. Marcus.
Vince Vouyer is a East Coast gangster type with an eye for the ladies. He just can’t get enough, so when he’s not bumping off rivals or stealing truckloads of cigarettes and stereo equipment, he’s knocking it to just about anything in a skirt he can get his hands on. One of the ladies with whom he spends much of his time is his main squeeze Locklear, that sublime Vivid Girl. Trouble is, ol’ Vince just so happens to be married to Alexandra Silk, who’s none to happy about her man playing the field with such regularity. As a result, she tends to complain. Seeing an opportunity to get his wife out of his hair for a while, he packs her off to sunny California, Malibu to be specific. What he doesn’t count on is that his wife has learned a thing or two from living with a mobster for all those years, and one of the things she’s managed to pick up is the proper way to get even. So while on the Coast, Alexandra serves up her lush booty to a procession of other mobsters, including Tony Tedeschi and Mr. Marcus. A lavish caper comedy boasting an all-star cast.

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