Missy Impossible (1989)

Director: Ron Jeremy
Starring: Aja, Stella Starr, Busty Belle, Tiger Lilly, Rocki De Lorenzo, David Morris, Rick Savage.
Gorgeous Aja stars as Missy, the headmistress of a girls’ school who finds herself confronted with a sticky situation. It seems that Alan, the new custodian she’s hired, is not exactly what he appears to be. In fact, Alan is an alien, sent to Earth to impregnate as many human women as he can in order to save his species. And what better place to get a job than at a school filled with sex-crazed young cuties? Now it’s up to Aja to step in and put a stop to Alan’s horny hi jinx. She uses all her amorous assets to foil his plan, even going so far as putting her own tasty curves into the mix. Can Aja save the day? Will Alan get what he’s after? With action this scorching, does anyone even really care?

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