Miami Spice 1 (1986)

Director: Svetlana
Starring: Amber Lynn, Sheri St. Clair, Danielle, Barbara Dare, Porsche Lynn, Janet Littledove, Candie Evans, Barbii, Blondi, Randy West, Eric Edwards, Rick Pons, Tony Montana, Mike DeMarco.
Amber Lynn is a Miami vice copper, and when she’s not tooling around town in her Lamborghini looking for evil-doers, she’s undressing South Florida’s eligible bachelors and bachelorettes and laying her own special frisking technique on them just to make sure they’re on the “up and up.” Right now she’s on the trail of big time coke dealer Eric Edwards, who lives on a multi-million-dollar yacht and pushes more white powder than a snowplow. To get him, Amber needs help from rich guy Randy West, and they seduce each other in Randy’s lavish home. Later, with Randy’s help, Amber gets close to Eric, and then she gets really close to Eric, and then she busts him. A stylish, lushly photographed crime story with great performances by Amber, Barbara Dare and Porsche Lynn.

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