Messalina (1996)

AKA: Messalina – The Virgin Empress
Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Jessica Gabriel, Kelly Trump, Jennifer Loca, Nicolette, Olivia del Rio, Ursula Moore, Valeria Johnson, Backey Jakic, Boris Bianco, Eros Cristaldi, Hakan, Roberto Malone, Silvio Evangelista, Mephisto.
It’s the year 43 AD. Claudius reignes the Roman Empire, with Messalina,his attractive wife as Empress at his side. Messalina is a nymphomaniac, sex-obsessed woman who mercilessly exploits the domination of her husband to satisfy her unsatibly lust. Actively supported by Agrippina, Messalina turns the Roman court into a squalor of vices and perversions. One day, however, the emperor finds out whats going on behind his back and his revenge is cruel.

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