Mesmerized (1996)

Starring: N.J. DeBahia, Nikki Tyler, Nici Sterling, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Tony Tedeschi, Sergio Demon, Steven St. Croix.
Sarah Jean Hamilton and Tony Tedeschi are hypno-therapists who help people get over sexual hangups by getting into their fantasy worlds. They also spend a lot of time getting into each other’s personal space, as when the two shrinks connect on their therapy couch. Utterly beautiful French star N’J DeBahia is the fantasy girl who keeps popping up in the erotic dreams of their clients. Her closing scene threesome with Steven St. Croix and Sergio is a sweat-drenched libido-fest, and her one-one-one scene with Sergio is seduction at its finest. Terrific production values and beautiful camera work round out Mesmerized 2’s list of virtues, but the chief attraction is the ungodly Gallic eroticism radiated by Ms. DeBahia.

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