Meridian Makes A Movie (2000)

Starring: Meridian, Mona, Lola, Sharon, Megi, Kate Sweet, Kety, Lisa, Amanda Angel, Kamil Klein, Ellen, Jessica May, Fredy, George, Pavel Sahaj, Pitr Rain, Mr. Stanley, Jakub, Ralph, Brand Noe, Von, Robert Rosenberg.
A blistering Euro-style romp disguised as a zany behind-the-scenes feature, this white-hot sexvid will appeal to anyone into down and dirty debauchery. The flick starts out with luscious Meridian serving as the director of a lavish period piece about the sex lives of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She soon finds that her cast is much more interested in delving into their own private debaucheries as soon as they get into the lush palace that’s serving as the set. While Meridian scampers around trying to keep everyone on schedule, her actors and actresses are hiding out in various rooms and doing what comes naturally. As you might have guessed from the cast list full of European names, what comes very naturally to these folks is blistering back door boffing and fervid group gropes. Meridian herself is quite a stunner, a pretty Czech dazzler who finds herself in a variety of vivacious romps as she tries to convince her cast to get back to work. She takes on all comers, whether men or women, in one steamy session after another. The hottest scene in the flick, though, belongs to the luscious beauty playing the sound girl. She goes for broke with one of the well-built actors in a ravenous desktop romp that leaves them both utterly spent. A fun, fast-paced collection that delivers lots of heat and plenty of fabulous costumes and sets while always maintaining a searing level of erotic heat.

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