Memories Within Miss Aggie (1974)

Starring: Deborah Ashira, Mary Stuart, Darby Lloyd Rains, Kim Pope, Harry Reems, Eric Edwards.
An undisputed classic of early porn, this Gerard Damiano film focuses on a lonely woman who lives in a secluded farmhouse with an enigmatic male companion. Their story is told through a series of atmospheric flashbacks as she lays bare her innermost sexual desires. In her dreams, Miss Aggie is a ravishingly gorgeous young woman, driven to sexual excess and more than able to find it. But who is the mysterious man she’s with, and how has he become trapped in her fantasy-fueled world of repressed ribaldry? The answers may shock you, but they will surely entertain and arouse. Featuring a score by Tony-award winning composer Rupert Holmes, this film ranks among the finest achievements in early hardcore.

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