Meatball (1972)

Starring: Tina Russell, Harry Reems, Andrea True, Marc Stevens, Singe Low, Linda Sanderson.
In this slap-happy sexvid, Harry Reems stars as Dr. Schmock, a zany mad scientist who accidentally discovers Preparation X. It’s a formula that can make an ordinary hamburger swell to twice its normal size. But whenever a guy eats it, it also has a similar effect on him! The good doctor tests out his creation and ends up with a constant erection that even his sexiest assistants can’t calm down. Not that he’s about to stop them from trying! This is goofy, fun-filled porn that never takes itself too seriously, even while delivering loads of blistering action. Filled with 70s superstars like Tina Russell and Andrea True, this is a feverish flashback that can still get a rise out of an audience.

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