Marquis De Sade (1994)

AKA: IL Marchese De Sade
Le Markies De Sade
Directors: Joe D’Amato, Luca Damiato
Starring: Krisztina, Jacqueline Wild, Joanna, Rosa Caracciolo, Shalimar, Tania Larivière, Terry Rubens, Valentina, Vicca, Mike Foster, Richard Langin, Rocco Siffredi, Christoph Clark.
Marquis of Sade, an unusual man, who brought the most extreme sexual play to human kind. In his memories of his wild days will sure give you many different new ideas to enjoy your most forbidden sexual fantasy. An ultimate perversion in history shot on film. Inclusively with erotic, fetish, orgy, especially kinky sex, all combined in the most unimaginable scenes shown right in front of you. Don’t miss the ultimate holes-opening, hose-bursting film ever shot. It will take you to Real Ecstasy.

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