Marilyn Burning Snow (1983)

AKA: Neiges Brûlantes
La Venus Des Neiges
Burning Snow
Alpine Lust
Starring: Olinka, Olivia Flores, Gabriel Pontello, Claudia Noel, Nathacha Barebush, Anthony Debray, Gerard Gregory, Bernard Clif, Sophie Zillers.
An alpine ski holiday turn s into a wild sex farce when prim and proper Miss Muriel is mistaken for lusty Lorna, a nymphomaniac of epic proportions. Soon, the hotel where Muriel and her suspicious fiancé Roland are staying abuzz with the scandalous gossip. Remembering Lorna’s erotic striptease the year before, luscious Juliette Marie and Dani plot to expose Muriel, but first a little girl-girl action in the sauna is in order. Later that night they share their steamy play with Hans, the sleigh driver, at an intimate little bar that becomes more and more intimate as the night goes on. The moment of truth arrives in the form of a mind-blowing orgy that rages out of control until the wee morning hours. Muriel finally proves her innocence when the real slut of the slopes, Lorna Arrives.

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