Marc Dorcel – La Fièvre De Laure (1995)

AKA: The Fever Of Laure
The Loves Of Laure
Director: Serge De Beaurivage
Starring: Carole DuBois, Diana Stevenson, Jenny Fields, Laure Sainclair, Liza Harper, Sandra De Angelis, Christoph Clark, David Perry, Eric Weiss, Frank Versace, Herve Pierre Gustave, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Mark Davis, Philippe Dean, Kalman.
A young girl with an angel face and pure heart whose future will be determined by a simple twist of fate. After experiencing 2 rape attempts without losing her virginity, it is into her arms of another woman, Sylvia, that she uncovers the mysteries of sex and stimulating smolder of adult pleasures. Many men will cross her path; some of them users, some of them losers, but all with one thing in common – once they`ve caught the fever, they’ll never be the same.

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