Make Me Feel It (1985)

Director: Henri Pachard
Starring: Taija Rae, Kelly Nichols, Carol Cross, Sharon Kane, Kristara Barrington, R. Bolla, Klaus Multia, Jake West.
R. Bolla stars as a publisher of porn paperbacks whose business has fallen on hard times. People just aren’t thrilled by his books anymore. So he calls in his authors, a bunch of guys and gals whose sexy stories just aren’t cutting the mustard anymore. Bolla sends them all out to find new, exciting sexual experiences to write about. “Make me feel it!” he exhorts, setting them loose for a series of sensual shenanigans. What follows is a string of white-hot encounters starring some of the most exciting performers of the day. From the buxom charms of Taija Rae to the svelte curves of Sharon Kane, these gals know how to make anyone ‘feel it’ — and you will too when you watch this fiery video treat!

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