Lust In The Woods (1990)

Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Lola, Megan Leigh, Johnny, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Gregor Samsa, Tanja De Vries.
Hyapatia Lee and Mike Horner take a trip to the woods to breathe a little fresh air and to commune with nature, but what they end up doing is communing in nature when they encounter swingers Megan Leigh and and Joey Silvera on the road. Lots of out-door sex ensues, with both couples mixing and matching partners, and then substituting ringers like Lola and Gregor Samsa just to keep things fresh. Beautifully photographed, and unencumbered by anything resembling a real plot, this tape is remarkable for the furious sex it captures. Hyapatia is typically terrific, and Lola looks great frolicking through the North Woods in her birthday suit. Hot.

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