Lunar Lust (1990)

Director: Gordon Vandermeer
Starring: Tamara Lee, Eric Price, Rebecca Steele, Raquel Gold, Marilyn Rose, Gregor Samsa, Randy West, Paula Price.
They’ve been right all these years – there is a man on the moon! Well, sort of. Actually, there are women on the moon, and as it turns out, they’re very, very nice women. They look down from the moon and see all us poor mortals and take pity. They see earth males, for example, not getting any sex to relieve all their kinky urges and suffering terribly because of it. Being such kindly space creatures, they decide to come down and take matters into their own hands for the good of the universe. Marylin Rose is the leader of the expedition to help the earth men through their little difficulty, and her work here is phenomenal. Then there’s Raquel Gold’s incendiary performance as Marilyn’s second-in-command. Her combination of stunning good looks, penchant for lots of the ol’ down-and-dirty and depthless passion make her a truly eye-catching talent on-screen. Then there’s the legendary Tamara Lee, who turns in yet another of her barn-burning rounds of killer coitus here. Must-see sexy sci-fi.

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