Love Hotel 1 (1990)

Starring: Jeanette, Angela Lourde, Ines Engel, Jane Edwards, Joey Murphy, Rally V. Kamp, James Butcher.
Some frames ‘stick’ during playback, but overall this DVD rip gives a far sharper picture (and audio) quality than the above VHS posts, as shown by the screens. Excellent cast, demonstrated no better than in the final scene; a mini-orgy with Jeanette, Marlena and the gorgeous Karin (who I’m a big fan of), the latter two girls enthusiastically receiving a golden shower to round things off….. Another highlight features a beautifully plump Effie Balconi in a MFMF foursome .
Only 4 actresses in the credits but all 6 girls featured can be ID’ed. This rip is longer than the VHS by 1:43 which is then followed by over 12 minutes of trailers from other DBM series flicks – Psycho, Ibiza Spot and Party Bizarr II.

No Pass

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