Love And Pain (1998)

AKA: Amore E Castigo
La Setta
Director: Luca Damiano
Starring: Nikki Anderson, Ursula Moore, Nikolette, Judith, Sylvia, Eveline, Robby, Levente, Alex Mantegna, Philippe Dean, Andrea Dioguardi, Anthony, Roberto Malone, Holly One, Silvio Evangelista.
As the saying goes, “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all!” When we first meet the lovely Martina, she’s feeling the pain of a love lost. Her friend, trying to lighten her spirits, brings her to a club – a special kind of club where promiscuity is the order of the day. There, Martina meets Max and is seduced. Within a day she’s surrendered to him in love, but he’s uncertain.
To prove her love for Max, Martina must spend some time in the servitude of the cruel and lustful Madame X. Her inhibitions are broken down one at a time, culminating in an orgy in which she gives up her most precious prize of all – her anal virginity to Max! But what happens next? Does she stay with Max or does the allure of being a sex slave in Madame X’s dungeon prove too strong for our big-breasted heroine? Find out in Love and Pain.


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