L’Obsession De Laure (1996)

AKA: The Obsession Of Laure
Starring: Laure Sinclair, Nikita, Vicca, Anita Dark, Anita Blond, Zolt Walton, Francesco Malcom, Nadia Linden, Andrew Youngman, Christophe Clark.
Laure Sinclair is one of the international porn world’s most beloved young starlets, and there’s no mystery about why that is – she combines a lusty,depraved decadence with a breezy innocence which captures men’s hearts by the hundreds. The dazzling French sex super star is one of the most beautiful women ever to step on to a porn set, and this production captures her at her most stunning and heart-stoppingly beautiful. Laure’s obsession here, not surprisingly, has to do with her penchant for manic eroticism, and all of its kinky repercussions. Also starring here are Vicca and Anita Dark, two of the Continent’s most impressive young fire-starters. Also setting the screen alight here is the stunning Anita Blond, that long, tall Easter European glamor girl whose penchant for high-octane anal antics has made her a favorite of porn fans around the globe. A four-alarm must-see.

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