Liquid Lips (1976)

Starring: Melba Bruce, Monique Starr, Enjil Von Bergdorf, John Holmes, John Seeman, Mike Weldon, Vernon Von Bergdorf.
The sensational John Holmes returns as Johnny Wadd in this mix of sex and erotic espionage.
Follow up to ‘Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here’ has the lusty, always-on-the-make, private detective Johnny Wadd returning to his home town of San Francisco after his caper in Mexico to help the authorities bust a drug smuggling ring led by mobster Tony Sorrento and sleazy nightclub owner Augre Valentine with the captured stash of heroin confiscated in Mexico which Johnny decides to use himself as bait to lure Sorrento in the open, unaware that one of Valentine’s thugs Frankie, (first glimpsed in the previous film) recognizes Johnny Wadd and decides to have Valentine set a trap for him. Aiding Johnny is a female government agent named Charlie Hammond who can’t seem to get enough of Johnny’s famous ‘tool’.

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