L’infirmiere A De Beaux Seins (2007)

AKA: White Hot Nurses 9
Nice Nurses With Nice Tits
Starring: Wanda, Rachel, Laura, JP X , Frank Major, Bob Terminator.
Hide and seek: a nurse stumbles by chance upon a dildo. Whilst she’s having a great time with her newfound friend, a doctor comes in. Soon enough, our pretty nurse makes up her mind: nothing can beat a big, fat cock up a pussy or an asshole.
Suckin’ and pumpin’ break: whilst having a nap, a doctor is awakened by a nurse who’s pulled down his trousers and taken his dick into her pretty mouth. A few minutes later she offers her asshole to our happy young hunk.
I want more: a lustful patient tries to fiddle with a nurse’s sensitive body parts. A doctor opens the door and soon enough, she takes two cocks at once!
The collection: having discovered a series of dildos of different sizes, two nurses have one hell of a jolly good time sticking them up in each other’s holes.
A great reward: whilst checking a patient’s heartbeat, two nurses are playing lesbian games. Driven wild by excitement, our pretty girls are soon engaged in various pounding anal games with the patient and a doctor.

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