Like Mother Like Daughter (1973)

Starring: Kecia Kane, Leila Harris, Nancy Franklin, Nancy Keller, David Fine, Jamie Gillis, Marsha Cossel, Michael Muir.
Mother and daughter are having a grand time living a ménage lifestyle with stepfather. Everything seems to be going just fine. Until, that is, when father (mother’s first husband) returns from Japan and decides mother’s upbringing of his daughter has been an amoral influence, and decides to obtain legal custody of his daughter.
Not having seen her father since a child, his daughter objects. (Why break up a good thing at home?) She decides to ‘lay’ a trap for her father. Posing as a girl out for a fun time, she and her girlfriend (for whom she has the hots) pick up her father, and the ‘fun’ begins. At the last moment they both leave father ‘high and dry.’ Not until later, when they meet again, does father realize that his unhappy incident with the ‘fun girls’ was in fact with his daughter whom he is attempting to gain custody of. Knowing this, he decides his efforts are futile for they are truly “Like Mother, Like Daughter”.

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