Les Tentations Inavouables De Julia (2001)

AKA: Desiderando Giulia
Starring: Julia Taylor, Tanya Rusic, Charlotte Leroy, Mathilda Favier, Orsetta Loi, David Perry, Silvio Evangelista, Frank Gun, Attila, Gabriel Montoya, Andy Casanova.
After Julia’s mother, a prostitute, is murdered by a serial killer, the daughter ends up in a home where a perverted priest holds sway. On the side, said priest offers sexual councelling to a frustrated wealthy couple. He suggests they should fuck a prisoner. Nunzio the priest’s assistant drools after the girls at the home and has a grope at two at a time on occasion. In the meantime the evil priest conspires: He’s after the couple’s bank-account and shies away from nothing to get that money – Lust, vice and a fat portion of hypocrisy.

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