Les Petites Filles (1978)

AKA: Corinne Och Hennes Sex Lekar
La Rosa Dei Sensi
Traume In Paris
Director: Francis Leroi
Starring: Cathy Stewart, Celine Gallone, Diane Dubois, Edwige Faillel, Marie-Claude Viollet, Claude Valmont, Michel De Nyokinos, Jean Moulard, Jean-Pierre Armand, Gerard Gregory.
Claude Valmont is married to a boring wife and has a boring job and a boring life. One day he encounters Cathy Stewart and has a romance with her. Then he meets a man in a bar who introduces him to a world of exciting sexual encounters with swinger Edwige Faillel – in a cinema, at the races where she is gangbanged by three jockeys, and in some sort of brothel with her and Diane Dubois.
His wife becomes suspicious and follows him. She sees him pick up Celine Gallone. After a brief sob, the wife decides to make herself more exciting and seduces him on his return home. All then live sexually ever after – even turning on the old couple next door who hear the noise.

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