Le Violeur De Pucelles (1980s)

Starring: Agnes Ardant, Nathalie Idoux.
On a beach, the perversity of rapists of virgins, who may or may not agree.
The pleasures of beach and sea are close to the pleasures you can experience with sex.
For a young girl it is always dangerous to undress and to cherish herself on a deserted beach, and think that she is alone …
A strange story where a masked guy wants to take revenge of JP Armand, based on the title he is supposed to be a rapist but he only forced JP Armand’s girlfriend for a blowjob and that’s it. The guy writes a kind of journal where he explains that he hates JP and wants to kill him because he is rich and beautiful but at the end, he throws his mask on the ground and nothing happens, we will not see his face.
At a certain point JP Armand knocks a guy because he has the same key bunch as the masked guy, but that one is not the masked guy.
Before the last scene, there is a review of all the ejaculations seen in the film.

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