Le Prix De La Luxure (1997)

AKA: The Cost Of Lust
Starring: Laure Sainclair, Matalana, Eva Falk, Kathy Kash, Cassandra, Zenza Raggi, Oceane, David Perry, Roberto Malone, Mike Foster, Bruno Aissix.
Laure Sainclair stars in this fast-paced Euro-style collection, playing a woman who gets her erotic revenge when she learns that her husband is cheating on her. Laure hires a sorceress (played by luscious black beauty Matalana) to enact her vengeance. She has her hubby put under some strange sort of spell, but the main effect seems to be that Laure ends up having to do everything that the witch tells her to. The whole thing’s a bit confusing, but rest assured that the sexy action will keep you interested even when you have no idea what’s going on plotwise. Simply put, Laure is one of the sexiest women we’ve seen in porn in some time, a curvaceous cutie with a cover girl smile and a scrumptious figure that won’t quit. Laure stars in five of the flick’s twelve sex scenes, careening from steamy girl/girl gropes to raucous threeway dust-ups without batting an eye. While this one isn’t as outrageously nasty as many European productions, there’s still more than enough back door boffing and nasty talking to satisfy. This one’s a great pick for more adventurous couples, a lightly plotted bit of porn fluff that delivers lots of searing sexual shenanigans.

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