Le Maitre Chanteur 1 (1997)

AKA: Ricatto Violento
Director: Patrice Cabanel
Starring: Lea Martini, Fanny Garreau, Manon, Mylena, Sandra de Angelis, Bruno Sx, Mephisto, Pascal, Zac, Jemee Lee.
This movie, which comes in two parts, concerns a chic wife whose dalliance with a photographer leads to blackmail. Part one opens with Lea driving through town, an exercise French film makers seem to consider de rigeur. Anyhoo, eventually she arrives at chez Martini where, following a shower (check out that bod!) and change of dress, an anonymous package is brought in by the maid. Upon examination, it proves to contain incriminating photos. This shock is immediately followed by a phone call from … the blackmailer! Say what you will, the guy has impeccable timing.

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