Lawnmower Woman (1992)

Director: C.B. Deville
Starring: Crystal Wilder, Marissa Malibu, Alyssa Malone, Terry Thomas, Steve Austin, Mark Wise, Derrick Taylor.
You got a problem with her? Well you can Kiss Her Grass! It’s a gorgeous day in Mrs. Rogers’ hood. She’s the door to door, on the floor, buns up kneelin’ wheelin’ and a dealin’ “Lawnmower Woman”. Each day at the crack o’ dawn she’s on her knees weedin’ seedin’ ho’in and mowin’… It’s a tough road to hoe, but the natives are friendly and there’s more than enough to eat. Join us in Midnight Video’s big bushwhack as we explore the ins and outs of whore culture. BUZZZZZZZ…

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