Lady In The Iron Mask (1998)

AKA: Anita E La Maschera Di Ferro
Die Frau In Der Eisernen Maske
Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Wanda Curtis, Anita Blond, Judith Bella, Judith Kostner, Mary Eleniak, Marzia Lippi, Shanon Stone, Bruno SX, Chris Charming, Davide Gladio, Leslie Taylor, Zenza Raggi.
ersailles – The King of France has twin daughters: Madeline, well-mannered and virginal; and Jaqueline, perverse and sexually obsessed. Before leaving on a sea voyage, he locks the wayward Jaqueline in the tower, forcing her to wear an Iron Mask. Later, however, the royal ship is attacked by pirates and Fracois, Madeleine’s fiancé, is dispatched to search for the missing King. Meanwhile, Jaqueline uses her erotic charms on her guard, Maximillian, convincing him to help her escape. She takes the place of Madeline and soon the future of France is in Jeopardy as she cuts a sexual swathe through the government. Eventually, Francois returns to save the day, and Jaqueline has to flee from the palace with Maximillian. Madeleine, who has been wrongfully imprisoned and constrained to wear the Iron Mask, is now free to marry the man she loves.

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