Ladies Lovin’ Ladies Lovin’ Ladies 3 (1993)

Starring: Deborah Wells, Jessica Foxxx, Stephanie Duvalle, Kelli Thomas, Charlotte, Corby Wells, Traci Prince, Lois Ayres, Laurie Cameron, Rebecca Steele, Heather Hart, Cash, Jasper, Lois Ayers.
It’s lesbian antics galore in this white-hot girl-girl scorcher. The fun begins when a group of wanton wives set out for a weekend of vacation adventure. While their hubbies wait at home and wonder what they’re up to, these sex-crazed strumpets lay into one another in scenes of pure lesbian bliss. They go off in couples or in trios, grab a few handy sex toys and proceed to drive one another through the roof with their tongue-twisting tenacity. By the time this weekend is over, the gals might just decide that they don’t need their men after all! A non-stop lesbian lustfest that’s filled with luscious ladies and blistering action, this is a sure bet for Sapphic satisfaction!

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