Lacrime E Sangue (2003)

AKA: Du Sexe Et Des Larmes
Starring: Steve Holmes, Fernando Aprile, Gaby Lorn, Michelle Stry, Benito Serra, Janette Morrison, Yvette Boutillon, Silvia Cristian, Adrianna Laurenti, Sebastian Barrio, Francesco Malcom, Silvio Evangelista, Davide Giannetti.
You name the sex act, and it undoubtedly appears in this movie. For such a short film, it certainly captivates one’s interest, despite the fact that the dialog was in Italian. But sex by any other name is still comprehensible; it’s one of those commodities that transcends all language barriers. Well-chiseled hunks find themselves in liaisons with big-chested, well-groomed women, even in the darkest countryside barns. Held together by a plot based on tears and blood, this film oozes with from well-crafted scenes and lots of T&A for your viewing pleasure. True erotic theatre Italian style!

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