La Totale (2004)

AKA: Sex Total
Starring: Adrianna Laurenti, Laetitia, Loan Laure, Melissa Lauren, Nina Roberts, Sonia Carrere.
Before ravishing sweet bride Laure and bouncing the bed with her, our young hero needs to really let his hair down. He’s out in Paris to watch the hottests chicks devouring ‘real baguettes’. At the sex-shop there’s a little fuck on the Pirelli-floor and at the plane hangar a bespectacled lady sucks some rod. The sunday afternoon is taken up by a fivesome gang-bang. Even the kitchen-counter isn’t safe from genital attention and one of Laetitia’s pubic hairs may well turn up on the cooker. In the end the fuck-master enters holy matrimony and denies himself the sweet secretarial flesh.

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