La Jouisseuse (2002)

AKA: The Sensualist
Director: Alain Payet
Starring: Gaby Black, Dora Venter, Laura Guerlin, Anna Sharon, Tiffany Rouge, Natalka, Melanie Coste, Horst Baron, Sebastien Barrio, Kevin Long, Tony Carrera, Titus Steel, Ramon, Marc Barrow, Robby Blake, Marco Saleri.
2003 Venus Award Winner For Best Film – France.
Called by her boss, Melanie hurries to see him. When she gets to the door of his office, Oh Surprise! His secretary is giving him a blowjob. Unhappy that she caught them, he orders her to get file 151 – a festival of lust with lascivious protagonists in unusual and luxurious settings.

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