La Fete A Gigi (1999)

Director: Alain Payet
Starring: Dolly Golden, Silvia Saint, Bianca Romanova, Caroline Cage, Melissa Ickx, Maeva Exel, Ovidie, Dino Toscani, Jack Slater, Sebastien Barrio, Roberto Malone, Bruno SX, Yann Scott, Marc Barrow, Ken Furio.
Gigi, a sexy blond, walks around an attraction park. As she is there to have fun, she lets Bruno pick on her. He is so captivated by her beauty that he takes her aroung the park and explores with her all kinds of attractions. Suddenly, Bruno loses Gigi and looks for her desperately in the crowd. Meanwhile, an exhibitionist, perverse and persistent follows Gigi. She runs away and hides in a striptease cabaret.

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