LA Fashion Girls (1998)

Director: Jim Holliday
Starring: Stacy Valentine, Jill Kelly, Shayla LaVeaux, Julie Rage, Krista Maze, Missy, Nina Hartley, Laura Palmer, Caressa Savage, Sahara Sands, Kim Kataine, Kimberly Kupps, Militia, Peter North, Marc Davis, Jake Steed, Anthony, Eric Price, T.T. Boy.
Somewhere between haute couture and buck naked lies Jim Holliday’s unique and delicate fashion sensibilities. With all the fancy-assed high fallutin’ adult fashion movies made over the past quarter century, here’s one that’s different.Not exactly low-brow or no-brow… but close, and damn proud of it. Cloyd Gidney is a fashion designer, but he’s no Armani. He has one shot to impress garment mogul Mrs. Van Stavern with a private showing, but there’s a monster on the loose terrorizing his models, humping their way to pleasure rather than fame and fortune. Jim Holliday+High Fashion= Hot Coutre.

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