La Colpa (2005)

AKA: Hypnosex
Director: Marco Trevi
Starring: Asia Blondi, Jessica Fiorentino, Dagmar Rassimov, Vivienne Laroche, Diego Di Palma, Franco Trentalance, Gabriel Montoya, Marco Nero.
Driving home after a long day, our male bachelor looks down at his phone to resend a text message. Shortly after, he hits a woman crossing the street unaware of the car. She is knocked out! He carries her to the back of his car to treat her at his home, being as though he is a doctor. He lays her in the bed naked, treating her wounds one by one. Walks back downstairs and makes love to his woman. All while this is happening the victim injured but conscious visualizes herself and the doctor having sweet sex. Does it come true? Follow this plot driven fuckfest and remember to buckle up cause this one’s gonna get bumpy.

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