La Chatte Aux Tresors (1984)

Starring: Alban Ceray, Barbel von Staden, Cathy Menard, Claudia Cologne, Dominique Saint Claire, Eva Kleber, Evelyne Lang, Laura Clair, Lise Pinson, Marianne Wackerle, Marilyn Jess, Mika.
Alban hides a bag of stolen diamonds in a girlfriend’s pussy. He later extracts them – fisting while being wanked. This is intercut with Cathy Menard having sex on stage with Gabriel Pontello watched by Eva Kleber and Jacques Marbeuf Alban visits another girlfriend, a blonde (Laura Clair). They sex on table. The blonde takes Alban to Marilyn Jess’s place and leaves him. Alban and Marilyn have sex.

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