La Bella Addormentata (1994)

AKA: Sleeping Beauty
Director: Mauro Conti
Starring: Frederic Foster, John Builam, Fiona Borowsky, Nikita Ericson, Lena Marcovic, Ilenia Fassi, Monic Fiestel, Giorgia Matrickova, Jorge Fastitov, Manuer Ribeira, Jenny Sovino, Jam Stover, Michael Ferry, Berth Follenger.
In this medieval journey, brought to you by Mauro Salieri’s production crew, you’ll be swept away to feudal times. There is a king, and the king has a queen. The king has his subjects whom he subjects to all sorts of sexual acts. There’s the ye olde orgy, maidens de-maidened, harlots and stable boys and of course, his majesty’s royal cumshot. Welcome to the court of King Cock and his troupe of tramps.

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