Kissin Cousins (1984)

Starring: Heather Wayne, Misty Regan, Summer Rose, Christy Canyon, Hershel Savage, James Miles, Scott Irish, Tony Martino.
“Tub” Hatfield (Hershel Savage) and Marge McCoy (Misty Reagan) are brother and sister, but when Marge divorces her husband, she and her brood of two sons, Brad (Scott Irish) and Jack (Tony Martino) and a daughter Dana (Tara Wine) movie in with “Tub”, his son Ronnie (James Miles), and his two daughters, Sue (Heather Wayne) and Anna (Summer Rose). On their very first night together, Brad makes out with his cousin, Sue, while Jack and Anna go for a moonlight ride in Jack’s car with the inevitable result. Later, Sue and Anne start to compare experiences, but get so horny that they end up naked and in each other’s arms. Dana happens to walk in on this lesbian scene, realizes what is happening, and quickly makes her exit.
More sexual escapades follow involving both families, but the exciting climax occurs when Dana and Ronnie discover that they are both virgins. They waste no time in changing all of that, but at the same time, “Tub” slips into Marge’s room and crawls into bed with his sister.

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