Kid Sister (1972)

AKA: Fran’s Frenzy
Starring: Fifi Watson, Fran Spector, Judy Angel, Kim Dupont, Orrin North.
Fran, a hot, auburn-haired hippie chick, has just moved to town. She has no money or job but she has a hot bod and, in early 70s triple-XXX films, that’s all she needs for a full scale frenzy. Specifically, Fran’s Frenzy! Her neighbor, Kim Dupont (star of Shot on Location), knocks on the door of Fran’s hotel room and acts as her “Welcum Wagon!” She promises to show Fran more than the big city.
But first, Fran investigates some “noises” that leads her to some of her other neighbors, namely the hotel manager (!) and his curvy bitch, Judy Angel. Fran quickly realizes the orgasmic truth of the “sin”-tuation, and is soon making some noise of her own!
On a job recommendation from Miss Dupont, Fran meets secretary Fifi Watson, an incredible brunette who, after a plastic interview, becomes the “hair” apparent to her tongue. Not surprisingly, Kim is the boss’s secretary, and she performs her “dick”-tation on the slimy degenerate. After he dives into her “office pool,” he informs the out of breath Kim that if Fran can “fuck as good as you can,” Fran will he hired. So, I guess it ain’t who you know, but who you Wow!
The action finishes with Fran getting to meet Kim’s Big Sister and her Brother-ln-Law, who screws Big Sister’s socket like a light bulb, then gets to “meat” Fran. Finally, hot labia talk commences between Fran and Kim herself that turns the scorch-o-meter up a few notches. It will do the same in you too!

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