Kascha’s Blues (1988)

Director: Nicolas Pera
Starring: Ariel Knight, Tiffany Storm, Ebony Ayes, Dana Lynn, Kascha, Peter North, Jon Dough, Francois Papillion, Scott Irish.
Peter North is married to a living dream, Kascha. However, Peter and his overactive hormones are chasing other dreams. He is spying on Ebony Ayes, having affairs with Dana Lynn and Ariel Knight. After playing these separate songs. Peter returns home only to find Kascha has turned him out and increased the volume! With Peter North there to play her silky-smooth sensuous body…she has reached for the buffed out Francois to choke her till her inner rhythms are quivering and resonating in perfect harmonic passion! Peters dissidence fades to black as Francois and Kascha make ridiculous sounds of joy and ecstasy when their final movements reaches an orgy-like crescendo of sensual releases.

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