Judgement Day (1978)

Director: Jon Cutaia
Starring: Mimi Morgan, Melba Bruce, Tyler Reynolds, Turk Lyon, John Leslie, John Seeman.
JUDGEMENT DAY is the fascinating story of two star crossed lovers, Mona and Will. Told in the manner of ‘Heaven Can Wait,’ this spectacular film traces the young couple’s entry into the pearly gates where they are met by four other young people.
The cantankerous St. Peter bars entry, for to enter Paradise, the true facts of their lives must be revealed. No detail omitted, no act regardless of how bizarre is kept from the eyes of the viewer. So degenerate are some of these acts that many are banished to hell.
But will and Mona re returned to Earth for a second chance. How they use this new opportunity provides a delightful and erotic ending to a most unusual film.

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