Jane Bond Meets Octopussy (1986)

Starring: Gary Barker, Kristara Barrington, Blondie, Mauvis DeNoire, Lorrie Lovett, Amber Lynn, Porsche Lynn, Tony Romano, Randy West.
In all the annals of erotic espionage and lusty intrigue, there has never been a diabolical and depraved adventure like this. Armed with an incredible laser weapon, Octopussy is determined to take over the world by turning every woman into insatiable hot and horny nymphomaniacs.
Jane Bond and her “naturally” sexy cohorts thwart the plan by infiltrating into the enemy’s domain. Spreading themselves wide-open and using every one of their sexual skills, they take on all cummers and lay waste to all of Octopussy’s hard ‘n’ hung hunks. The final cuntfrontation between Bond and Octopussy is a no-holes-barred battle of the sexes that will leave you limp and satisfied!
Who comes out on top? Will your women be changed into sex-hungry sluts with that nympho laser? See the wet, wild and way-out climax to the most thrilling, tittilating, and arousing thigh and spy sextacular video ever.

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