Jane Bond Meets Golden Rod (1987)

AKA: Jane Bond Meets The Man With The Golden Rod
Director: Harold Lime
Starring: Amber Lynn, Bionca, Krista Lane, Tiffany Storm, Viper, Don Fernando, Hershel Savage, Peter North, Robert Bullock.
Description: For the legions of fans who made the previous Jane Bond thrillers the most sexciting video best-sellers EVER, we now present the ultimate sexpionage adventure. Here Amber Lynn is back as Agent 0069, taking on her most erotic challenge-seducing, and succumbing to the awesome thrust of Golden Rod, playing both her sides against the middle by overpowering the protruding might of Crunch, and licking the daylights out of their assistant Pussy Go-Tightly. Aiding and a-bedding her in her conquests are the villaneous Velvet and the cocksman called Control.
Here you will find all the Bond brand excitement, gadgetry and SEX you expect PLUS the most imposing cast of villians, heros and heroines ever to appear in one X-rated video – played to the hilt by such stars as Krysta Lane, Heschal Savage, Robert Bullock, Tiffanie Storm, Peter North and Bionca – and of course the inimitable AMBER LYNN as Jane Bond.

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