Jack And Jill 1 (1979)

AKA: Maitresses Très Particulières
Director: Chuck Vincent
Starring: Samantha Fox, Jack Wrangler, Annie Sprinkle, Merle Michaels, Eric Edwards, Vanessa Del Rio.
Samantha Fox and Jack Wrangler are a bored married couple who have decided to spice up their love life by doing a little sexual adventuring. They start off slow with a round of strip poker with another couple, but they’re such natural swingers that the first hand of poker turns into a super-charged round of poke’er. Then they start answering ads in a local swingers publication and the fun really begins. Through the ads they turn up such legendary kinky ladies as Vanessa Del Rio and Annie Sprinkle, each of whom turn in performances to lay beside the best of their careers. One of adult film’s true over looked classics.

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