Irresistible 2 (1986)

Director: June Moon
Starring: Alex Greco, Tiffani Blake, Sondra Stillman, Lois Ayers, Erica Ross, Paul Thomas, Jerry Butler, Peter North, Francois Papillon, Janet Littledove, Tom Byron, Lynn Francis.
Alex Greco plays a down-on-her-luck woman who wanders into a porn palace to get off the streets. She puts a quarter in a peep show booth and finds herself instantly transported through time to realms of pure sensual delight. Alex enjoys a lusty liaison with Casanova in his tent, then becomes Eve, trying to entice Adam to eat something other than apples. She finds herself in a futuristic barroom blast, then in a feverish fling with Zorro himself. Finally, Alex is taken to the 50s, where her own parents enjoy a fiery good time in the back of a convertible. A carnal kaleidoscope filled with raucous romping, this ranks among Alex’s best outings ever. ‘Irresistible #02’ lives up to its title and then some.

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