Intimate Couples (1984)

Director: Scotty Fox
Starring: Angel West, Beverly Bliss, Pamela Jennings, Jacqueline Lorians, Rikki Blake, Herschel Savage, Steve Powers, Dino Alexander.
A very famous trivia game plays a major role in this story about two couples who experiment with the game and use some of the answers to follow up on their own rampant sexual fantasies. George and Sue are an inexperienced, but charming, younger couple that are in love, but not willing to learn about the more esoteric ways of pursuing sexual satisfaction. Their friends, Jim and Joanne, are older, more sophisticated and comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. They lead our novice lovers on an exciting game plan that includes body painting, rose petals, amaretto liquor, love oils, and a climatic marathon session of trivia games that you won’t find on sale at your local game store.

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