International Battle Of The Superstars (1986)

Starring: Steve Drake, Marilyn Jess, Mai Lin, Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Joey Silvera.
French sex-sensation Marilyn Jess takes on American cooze queen Amber Lynn in an utterly filthy INTERNATIONAL BATTLE OF THE SUPERSTARS. First, there’s a juicy mixed-doubles set with Amber taking on a herd of horny partners. Not to be outdone, Ms. Jess and Sharon Mitchell eat a French stud alive to even the score. The one-on-one session features cum-after-cum excitement, followed by a lesbo love-in, where each of our girls reach an explosive orgasm! Next, the indoor competition…where Joey Silvera plugs Marilyn’s pie in the kitchen, and Amber gets rubbed raw by Steve Drake. So who gets the prize? It’s a torrid tie in this jizz-bizz grudge match where everyone wins big.

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