Inspirations (1983)

Starring: Lisa De Leeuw, Serena, Danielle, Ron Jeremy, Mai Lin, Zora Banks.
Feast your eyes on a carnal cornucopia of lust-filled, erotic Inspirations – featuring a sizzling superstar cast. Ron Jeremy plays a down-and-out doctor who recalls his horny hobby-secretly filming his sex-crazed patients in action! Saucy Serena is first to reveal her kinky fulfillment with two torrid transvestites. Then, an Indian swami slips the salami to delicious Danielle (and you thought curry was hot!) Luscious Lisa De Leeuw hits new heights of daring debauchery, while Mai Lin gives her all in an outrageous display of oriental orality. Expect many more frantic frolics from the gals who need very little erotic encouragement.

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