Inside Seka (1980)

Starring: Seka, Ken Yontz, Merle Michaels, Christie Ford, Marc Valentine, Ron Jeremy, Tara Mann, Rita, Ashley Dubois, Corey Kidd, Mike Feline, Roy Stuart, C More Ashley, David Ruby, John Gold, Monte Marano, Gino Golbert.
The Marilyn Monroe of Porn! 100% She’s a platinum princess! Seka the most gorgeous girl in porno today, has agreed to reveal and relive all her most exciting sexual experiences and fantasies in front of our camera. The picture begins as Seka prepares to make love to her husband. During the act of love, she whispers her previous sexual encounters to her husband. Each time she begins to tell on, we flashback into the actual happening. Each encounter reveals Seka as a sexual and exciting person giving us a close look into another part of her personality. This beautifully produced film of this extraordinary gorgeous woman holds nothing back. All is revealed, and Seka gives us her all. A classic of adult cinema.

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